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Creative Q&A #4 – Nosaj Thing

April 7, 2009

So far I’ve only been interviewing artists in the traditional sense: paint, collage, etc., but this project’s scope reaches far beyond the art gallery, and today is the first step! Today, I interview Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing, one of LA’s new young gun producers in the exploding West Coast electronic scene. I think Jason’s bio more eloquently summarizes his sound than I could. His work consists of “electronic sound-scapes and wild beat tectonics [that] play like vignettes that affect the listener’s mind as deeply as he hits their soul.” He’s got a new LP titled Drift set to drop June 9th on Alpha Pup Records. Check out the new track “Coat of Arms” from the upcoming album below and the interview after the jump.

Nosaj Thing album art - drift

CR: What’s your artistic background?
Nosaj Thing: I joined my schools music program in elementary school and started out playing the Saxophone then switched to the clarinet in middle school. In high school, I joined the drum line. I started DJing when I was 12 and was also into scratching. I got into production the next year and got some music production software from an older friend.

CR: What’s your favorite medium to work with?
NT: I really like to experiment with sound/sound design

CR: What medium would you like to work with?
NT: Live visuals, synced video for my performances.

CR: Do you have a favorite personal work? If so, what is it?
NT: “IOIO” from the forthcoming album “Drift”.

CR: Who’s blowing your mind right now?
NT: Cornelius, Radiohead, Chopin.

CR: What’s in heavy rotation on your iTunes, or CD player, tape deck, turn table, etc?
NT: Cornelius, Radiohead, Chopin.

CR: What’s next for you?
NT: A visual show.

Thank you Jason for taking a moment to talk with me and I really look forward to listening to the whole Drift album in June. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the Low End Theory release party. To hear more of Nosaj Thing’s work I highly recommend you track down BBC Radio’s Mary Anne Hobbs experimental electronic show from April 1st, it has Nosaj killing it for a good 2o minutes or so. Also check out a live set presented by Dublab here or buy Nosaj Thing’s EP Views / Octopus here. I’ve got more interviews in the hopper so check back soon for more tasty treats, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Danyell from Alpha Pup for hooking this whole thing up!


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