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About damn time!

April 8, 2009

So I’m a big dude — or my shoulders are at least — and I’m rockin’ a 48L/50 jacket (in layman’s terms = kinda big). If you don’t know your jacket size I suggest you man up and see someone that can help you, ‘cuz it seems to me that that’s just one of those old school man things you should know. ANYWAY…As a result of said beefiness, the current fashion trend of making men’s clothing in sizes for  prepubescent girls makes it difficult to find shirts that fit well; which is why I tend to stick with streetwear brands.  One of the greatest perpetrators of this aforementioned size-ism (it’s real look it up) is American Apparel. Well, search no longer! AA has fostered a new spin off, Colossal Clothing, that makes AA styled threads for bigger guys out of the same materials from the same LA location. Huzzah! The site looks like a premillennium relic, and is stripped of any AA sexiness, but their hearts are in the right place (plus they designed the jacket that Kanye wore on SNL). I’m thinking about getting the pictured track jacket. I’ll let you know if I pull the trigger.

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  1. About damn time!

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