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Creative Q&A #5 – Lou Noble

April 9, 2009

louo1Today I spend a few minutes talking with Lou Noble, better known by his Flickr handle Lou O’Bedlam. Lou is a semi-pro photog based in LA where he works as an EMT and takes pictures of pretty people. He has built a healthy fan-base on Flickr, which provides him with a steady flow of new subjects to use in his signature portraits. Admirably, despite his prolific image postings, Lou frequently provides verbose and insightful text to accompany his images — an added richness that I think draws a lot of people to his work. Check out the interview and more of his awesome work after the jump:

CR: What’s your artistic background?
Lou Noble: Don’t have one, really.  Took one photography class in high school, didn’t do a thing for me.  Started carrying around a Polaroid back in ’96 because I read about it in a Stephen King story.  In ’05, I found a camera I really loved (the Polaroid 680SLR) and got wicked serious about it after that, once I saw what was possible, and because that camera allowed me to do things I’d been unconsciously trying to do for years.  So, I’ve been fucking around for 9 years, serious about it for 4.

CR: What’s your favorite medium to work with?
LN: Well, it’s all about photography for me. So within that, it’s Polaroid.  Nothing looks quite like it, and I’ve been shooting with it for so long, I understand it better than anything else.


CR: What medium would you like to work with?
LN: Polaroid, until I die, if I had my druthers.

CR: Do you have a favorite personal work? If so, what is it?
LN: That tends to change as I go, it’s usually whatever shot I’ve taken recently that’s been closest to what I’d envisioned in my mind.  So best I can do is a recent shot that really gets my engine running.  Right now, this one:

CR: Who’s blowing your mind right now?
LN: Hm…bunch of people in different mediums.  Grant Morrision and Mark Danielewksi, if you like reading.  Kevin Mason’s photos are always a lightning bolt when I see ’em, Julia Galdo, she’s one of my all-time favorite photographers.  Designer Olly Moss is a genius.

CR: What’s in heavy rotation on your iTunes, or CD player, tape deck, record player, etc?

LN: For some reason I’ve had two albums from this band Great Northern on constant repeat.  Great music to listen to while you’re just hanging around, and every once in awhile I’ll realize I’m listening to an incredible song, and just stop what I’m doing. So, that. What else….Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band, awesome stuff, The Bronx’s third album, and Spinnerette’s EP.
CR: What’s next for you?
LN: More of the same, really. Just keep taking pictures, try to get better.  No real end goal, just as interesting a journey as I can manage.

There you have it! Lou also has a self-published limited edition book of his work available here. Check back later this week for more interesting people and great works!

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