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Nash Quest

April 16, 2009
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So I’m thinkin’ summer. I know we gots a ways to go, but still, SoCal’s doin’ its thing — gonna be hot this weekend! Anyway, Nash Quest’s album would be great for those warm summer nights when you’re driving back from the beach — windows open, not wanting to go home because then that beautiful day will be over.  It’s a pretty weird story how I came across Nash Lundquist aka Nash Quest.  I was down in Encinitas a couple of months ago with the fam, enjoying the weather and exploring the coastal communities of north county SD. I stopped by UNIV and scored a sweet pair of Nike SB’s and Nash was the guy behind the counter.  He handed me a club card for a show he was in that night and that was that.  But randomly, later that week, I was at the Hundreds LA picking up a shirt and Nash swung by to drop off his demo CDs. I grabbed one and reveled at the fact that two strangers would run into each other in two different cities. So there you go.  He’s got a signature bay area sound, not hyphy, but more that jazzed-out old school sound. So him check out…


Spit Poet

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