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Creative Q&A #8 – Kraddy

April 22, 2009

l_489f702a4da949fd850c9be6ea1c8b32What up everybody.  It’s been crazy hot here in LA and I’ve been jettin’ around SoCal for work. 100 degrees + broken car AC = bad news.  Luckily, the heat broke today and now I’m more inclined to blog.  Today’s interview is with Kraddy, a bangin’ producer and DJ here in LA that also happens to be a member of the LA underground beat-tastic super group The Glitch Mob. Check out the interview below.

Kraddy – Android Porn

CR: What’s your artistic background?
I’ve played music since I was young.

CR: What’s your favorite medium to work with?

K: Sound

CR: What medium would you like to work with?
K: Sound and Light

CR: Do you have a favorite personal work? If so, what is it?
K: Android Porn

CR: Who’s blowing your mind right now?
K: Meshuggah, DragonForce, Mono

CR: What’s in heavy rotation on your iTunes, or CD player, tape deck, turn table, etc?
K: Van Halen, Al Green, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Public Enemy, Daft Punk

CR: What’s next for you?
K: Finish the album then world domination

Here’s a video of the Glitch Mob crushing it.

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