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Creative Q&A #12 – RJ Shaughnessy

May 18, 2009


Another beautiful weekend here in SoCal. Hope you made the best of it! I’m kickin’ off this week’s CQ&A with an interview with the awesome LA based photographer, RJ Shaughnessy. RJ’s work bounces between on-location editorials and gritty street aesthetics. He has already released one book titled Deathcamp. The book “chronicles his life at the infamous Los Angeles art collective Deathcamp. Located in a quiet Los Angeles suburb, he shared residence with over a dozen characters from 2002 to 2006, capturing the energy and naivette of the misguided artisans.” RJ was also rad enough to send me his new book, Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon, which is a black and white photojournalistic study of the structural consequences of LA drivers’ inability to keep it on the road. RJ is having a book release party at Family Bookstore on Fairfax in early June – exact date TBD.


Check out more of RJ’s work as well as my interview after the jump: 

RJ's Gift Duo

CR: What’s your artistic background?
RJ Shaughnessy: I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where I received a BFA.

CR: What’s your favorite medium to work with?
RJ: Life/Humans

CR: What medium would you like to work with?
RJ: Space

CR: Do you have a favorite personal work? If so, what is it?
RJ: I made a book called Deathcamp a couple of years ago and it is my favorite thing in the world. It’s filled with Magic.

CR: Who’s blowing your mind right now?
RJ: My friends & Los Angeles

CR: What’s in heavy rotation on your iTunes, or CD player, tape deck, record player, etc.?
RJ: Selda and Tim Hecker

CR: What’s next for you?
RJ: Another book released in September. It is really really really really beautiful and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

You can see more of RJ’s work on his website or in the gallery below. I can’t wait to see what RJ has in store for his next book! Again, thanks to RJ for taking a moment to do this interview as well as being super cool and sending me a book! Wooo!


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