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Creative Q&A #13 – Nash Quest

May 20, 2009


That’s right, two CQ&As in one week! Stay calm. Today I’m talking with Nash Lundquist –  aka Nash Qwest – a passionate young MC living in San Diego by way of the Bay Area. Nash has an old school-underground flow that heralds to the greats, like Talib Kweli, and is focused on the poetry of his craft, rather than the bling.  There’s no auto-tuned, booty slappin’ a-a-a-a-alcohol here, just Nash flowin’ about life, his own aspirations and love. By day, Nash has also been known to hold down UNIV in Encinitas, so go say hi. Check out a few of Nash’s songs, as well as my interview with the MC, below.

Iron Will

Too Influenced

CR: What’s your artistic background?
Nash Lundquist: As a child I always painted and created. Built what I imagined even though the final product was a bit more abstract. I think rapping happened about the 7th grade when I first heard some songs by Jurassic 5. Their connection to me, was the connection I wanted to the world. When I moved to the bay area I got in a few bad accidents and knew it was time to let go of my extreme sport past and focus more on writing. I started performing in poetry events all over the bay. After moving to San Diego at 18 I started work on my first album.

CR: What’s your favorite medium to work with?
NL: I love to write lyrics. Sometimes freestyle. But I love revision and I love the process of tearing pages up, writing them over and over, gettin’ frustrated, gettin’ anxious, mad, whatever, but then being relieved after the song is written. So much goes in to one song. Strengths, weaknesses, I mean, if there is anything you are passionate about, I’m sure you can relate. It’s that self “nothing is ever good enough” personality that keeps an artist innovative.

CR: What medium would you like to work with?
NL: I just started my first novel. it’s ok. It is hella hard to be patient, elaborate and extend stories in full detail. I also started my first children’s book with my own illustrations. Should be fun. The hard part of that is keeping ideas simple. You gotta remember that you’re speaking to kids.

CR: Do you have a favorite personal work? If so what is it?
NL: There are always those works you take pride in. As of right now I am pretty sick of a lot of my own work. I’m proud I completed it, but I know I can do better stuff. stuff that gives ya the tingles. I did a pretty cool painting one time that I called “city ensemble” but I don’t have it anymore. I also had this poem I wrote in high school that kinda stuck out, but I forgot a lot of the lines to it. A favorite will come eventually.

CR: Who’s blowing your mind right now?
NL: A few people actually. This artist Dan Witz is dope! Hella realistic and captures feeling I didn’t think possible. As of music, I don’t know really. I’m in to early albums of Kweli and Common. Hieroglyphics, J5. But today this very day, I’m a little disappointed in whats out. Not in a business aspect because all these dudes definitely know how to make money, that’s where I’m twisted ’cause I feel people lost a lot of soul. I ain’t hatin’ on anyone or knocking anybody’s grind. I realize everyone has to live and everyone is working hard in bad times, but I want music that reflects these times, not makes me see past them.

CR: What’s in heavy rotation on your itunes, or cd player, tape deck, record player, etc?
NL: Every morning I wake up and play the “reflections eternal” Talib and DJ Hitek. I get in my car and have on 88.3 San Diego’s jazz radio – it has the best 50’s,60’s,70’s heart and soul. Sometimes I’ll throw on ONE BE LO, or Madlib. When I’m workin’ out I have instrumentals playing through my headphones so I can think while running. Haha there is a lot that filters through the day to day. Depends on the mood I’m in.

CR: What’s next for you?
NL: Tomorrow seems to come faster and faster everyday. I am moving to LA this summer and going to CSULA. So hopefully we’ll meet up. I have a new album coming out this summer called “Bad cab tips and Cafe Quartets” should be fun. Also just working on those books. There is a lot in store for a lot of us. Just gotta keep the senses open and ready.

Thanks to Nash for stoppin’ by. I look forward to seeing and hearing all of his upcoming endeavors.

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