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June 27, 2009

Longboards are more my style. Sure the shortboarders party in Hawaii and get all the glory, but longboarders have a mellower, more easy-going scene that I better relate to. It also doesn’t hurt that I live within an 1-2 hr drive of some of the world’s most famous longboard spots. I need to take surfing back up someday. Maybe when I have a lil’ grom of my own to push into waves.

Anyway, this is a trailer for Picaresque

“…[a] collaboration project between High Seas Films and Flesh Profits Nothing. [It’s] about unveiling an unseen (and unappreciated) side of longboarding. Between the unique camera angles and editing, a new spin on “surf music,” and choice locations, Picaresque is a step into the new generation of surfing. Shot in Super 16mm film and High- Definition, the project took the crew around the globe, stopping in Australia, California, Florida, France, Mainland Mexico, New England, New York, and Costa Rica, presenting a range of backdrops, cultural interactions and wave faces.”

The DVD was released recently and they are just about to finish up their screening tour in July.

images from High Seas Films

tip via Secret Fort

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