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District 9

July 9, 2009

So I posted the teaser trailer for District 9 a while back, but with the August 14th release date growing close, the marketing is really starting to gear up. I saw my first MNU commercial today on TV, and there have been bus stop signs requesting that I “report non-humans” up for a few weeks now. Pending horrible reviews (that didn’t stop me from seeing Transformers) this is on my must-see list.  I feel the sheer creativity and guerrilla media push surrounding this movie could definitely get me to part with twelve bucks. Plus, with an R rating, Peter Jackson and phrases like “high concept” being thrown around, it should be quite a flick. And from what I’ve gleaned from the multitude of sponsored websites, the plot should also be pretty good. They have even created a blog from the perspective of rogue alien. See the extended trailer on the the Sony Pictures homepage: Extended Trailer below. Catch a list of all the viral sites after the jump…

If you couldn’t bare to go through the links here is the teaser trailer off of youtube to get you interested.

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