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Hunter Gatherer: Part I – Marked5

July 30, 2009


So I pretty much started using Twitter so I could get daily updates on where LA’s best food trucks are setting up shop. This ever growing new breed of hyperconnected food trucks are offering amazing new twists and strong brand identities. With food like this around, why would you ever settle for Taco Bell? Anyway, tonight I hit up my first of many mobile street vendors, Marked5 down on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Read my full report after the jump: 

This truck serves up four different types of Japanese hamburger type yum-yums. They use sticky rice as a bun and have delicious patties made out of either, Tarakku Beef, Katsu Pork, Curry Chicken, or Tofu. There are plenty of special sauces drizzled on as well. I went with the beef and pork sandwiches. DOPE! I would recommend the beef to someone who’s a little leery about the whole thing, and the pork to anyone that wants a unique and amazing flavor party in their mouth. So yeah, good times. My boy Luis on the truck was bumpin’ B.I.G. from his iPod and while we were experimenting with other ingredients to make my sandwich more crunchy. Answer. Lotus Roots, mmmmm. So there ya go! If you’re in LA, I recommend you track these guys down. As a bonus, the truck is usually always camped out in front of something cool so there’s always something else to do once your belly’s full. Check out the menu below and this awesome episode of Vendr TV where Marked5 is featured.


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