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225 Forest

August 1, 2009

225 forest2

So I’ve been meaning to post about this exciting new concept store by Nike in Laguna Beach for some time now. This is the first time Nike has allowed some of it’s more edgy brands to mingle and be sold all in one inspiring and creative “retail experience.” You can find Hurley, Converse, Nike 6.0, and NIKEiD all under one roof. 225 Forest also features The Workshop, which includes Hurley Heat, Converse Ink and of course, NIKEiD.  Like NIKEiD, Hurley Heat and Converse Ink enable the customer to customize their Hurley trunks and Chuck Taylors. Check out more images of this amazing new store after the cut: 

225 Forest-3

225 Forest-14

225 Forest-8

225 Forest-13

225 Forest-15

This huge two story Dalek mural hangs right in the center of the store.

225 Forest-12

225 Forest-7

225 Forest-6


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