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La Cola

August 13, 2009

Michael over on A Continuous Lean posted a great article today about one of my favorite things – soda. And not just any kind of soda, the real deal, Coca-Cola made with cane sugar in place of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Coke isn’t typically made with “real” sugar in the US, so you have to go South to find a Coke without HFCS. Lucky for me, being so close to Mexico, I’ve always seen the glass bottles around here and there (I’ve got some in the fridge right now). I’ve even noticed that, particularly in San Diego,  you can even score a case of the “good stuff” at Costco. Now, there’s debate over whether or not people can really distinguish the taste difference between cane and HFCS or not, so it could be all in our heads. All I know is that Mexican Coke comes in a glass bottle, which in my book, makes it automatically taste better (bonus puntos mijo). Check out the article over on ACL and learn a little something about one of America’s heritage brands.

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