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Hunter Gatherer: Part II – Kogi

August 13, 2009

menu 2-1

To continue my series of grabbin’ grub at LA’s finest new wave of mobile eateries, I present to you Kogi – the Mexican taco truck pushing out Korean fushion eats. Kogi is the appex truck in terms of hype, media coverage, and ravenous crowds. They are also now rockin’ a fleet of trucks: Azul, Roja, and Verde which roam LA county daily. I also think Kogi was one of the first operations to utilize Twitter (@kogibbq) to broadcast their location.  See more pics and read about my personal Kogi adventure after the jump:


So on Tuesday Kogi set up shop just minutes from my apartment on Ventura Blvd – an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. I arrived about 45 minutes after they opened their windows and there was a decent line on the sidewalk. Waited about 45 minutes to make an order – menos puntos, but I knew that goin’ in. Place J’s and my order. Wait a little more. Name gets called – I bagged up the grub like it was a smash and grab sans ski mask and hopped in the getaway ride to eat at home ‘cuz it was too freaking cool to eat on the curb for AUGUST WTF!!! So I got back to HQ, and snapped a few photos before diggin’ in – sorry the pics are a little off, don’t have a lighting rig.


So the let’s meet the team: spicy pork breakfast burrito, Korean beef tacos, Kimchi quesadilla (forgot I’m not that big of a fan of Kimchi), and Korean beef sliders. All in all, it was good stuff – not 45 minutes run all over town good. Meaning, if Kogi happened to show up where I’m at and the line was light – I’d do it again. For me this whole experience was kinda like eating at Pinks – lotta hype, some crazy fanatics, and pretty ok food. The tacos and sliders were really great – super flavorful and had a good kick. The burrito and quesadilla both had that red sauce which was prominently slathered on the exterior of the ‘dilla which was a little overpowering and covered up the subtle flavors that were present in the tacos. I can definitely see how this faire would hit the spot after a late night on the town, but I’ll take Marked5 over Kogi any day. So now you know. I definitely recommend you check Kogi out for yourself.

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