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Porsche for the People

August 24, 2009


Like many people, owning a sweet ride is on my bucket list. I’ve always fancied vintage Porsches. My uncle owns a creamy late 50’s Porsche and to quote our favorite Kazakhstani “Iz Niiice.”

Then a couple months ago I learned on ACL about replica Porsche Speedsters. Built on VW frames with VW parts you’re essentially getting a new car with a sweet sweet vintage inspired fiberglass body. That means when it’s time for a check up, just swing on by one of your local VW dealers or repair shops and you’re set! No hoity toity Porsche snob dealers and what not. You can snag one of these babies for around $30k from the likes of LA based Automotive Legends, Vintage Speedsters or even eBay. So I’m already planning for my midlife crisis to include one of these beauties. See more of these sexy ‘lil German gals after the jump: blue detail

Detail shot of baby blue from above


red detail


blue_grey detail


black detail

It kinda scares me how doable this is.

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  1. corriemae permalink*
    August 25, 2009 11:05 am

    yeah that red one is mine. it’s happening.

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