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Freshly Unbranded

September 13, 2009


Rick Klotz, streetwear godfather, owner/creator/designer of Freshjive, RMK, and Warriors of Radness made a pretty radical announcement regarding his flagship clothing brand, Freshjive. As of 2010 all Freshjive products and related content (i.e. website, lookbooks, promo swag, etc.) will be without the Freshjive logo and name. Rick has grown disenfranchised with the idea of branding, and in true “Punk Rock” fashion, he’s essentially pulled out the would be heart for most brands. I’m still not exactly sure how I feel about this whole move. I mean, I totally respect Rick’s decision to rework his brand, but the claim that he wants to remove all logos from his brand is a little half heartily executed. Now his logo is simply the lack of a logo which for me is still counts as the brand’s logo. I think in reality, it’s impossible to unbrand a brand – you will always know what brand it is, logo or not. I highly recommend you check out Bobby Kim, co-owner of the Hundred’s, detailed interview with Rick Klotz about the new direction for Freshjive here.

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