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Bud Light Golden Wheat

October 6, 2009

BL Wheat

I’m not what you’d call a “beer guy.”  I don’t like anything dark and tend to favor the more prissy brews and Asians, but I know what I like! So I saw a commercial for Bud Light Golden Wheat two weeks ago while watching college football. Despite the Bud Light tag, I knew I needed to go try this beer. Later that day, I hit up the local grocer to grab me some Golden Wheat – little did I know this would end up being a two week waiting game! I came up empty handed at each of my local brew haunts. I first spotted the BLGW at Walmart, of all places, this past weekend; however, I need the instant gratification of a refrigerated beer – so no go.  Finally, tonight after peeping the local Ralphs and Bevmo (they did have it on shelf) to no avail, I succeed in finding a cold six-pack at Gelsons. Huzzah!

All in all, this beer is really tasty.  It is on par with Coors’ Blue Moon (yup, Blue Moon is produced by the silver train loving Coloradans) with the distinct advantage of being “light.” Kudos to the Belgians at InBev for slipping in a Belgian beauty disguised as a red-neck. Seriously, that packaging is killin’ me. Blue Moon wins that one.

*In researching this post I found out that Anheuser-Busch rolled out BLGW on Oct 5th (i.e. yesterday) maybe that was why it was so damn hard to track down. Anyway marketing 101 would seem to suggest that if you’re going to advertise  on national TV it better be on shelf, but what do I know.

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