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Purveyors of Nom

November 3, 2009

nom nom

Another food post! Last night to my surprise, Nom Nom Truck (the latest food truck I’ve been stalking on Twitter) was going to be parked exactly in front of my office building today. Woo hooo! So here comes my third edition of Hunter Gatherer- Nom Nom Style. See the rest after the jumpThe Nom Nom Truck is peddling Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwiches, and they are crazy delicious. They serve grilled pork, bbq pork, lemongrass chicken,  tofu sammies and tacos. I went with the 12″ bbq pork Banh Mi combo which comes with a taco and drink for $7 – what a steal! It was a lot of food. The lemongrass taco was also great! The Mrs. joined me for lunch and she went with the grilled pork which was a lot spicier, which I preferred.

All in all, Nom Nom Truck is a must! Way tastier and fresher/more complex tasting than the famous (or infamous) Kogi. Plus, the truck is manned by the owners themselves, who all happen to be recent UCLA grads.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s dessert edition.


BTW the weather forgot it’s November! It was 90 degrees today. It’s NOVEMBER!


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