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Hunter Gatherer #5 – Starry Kitchen

November 12, 2009

Starry #1

There’s a something going down in NoHo. On Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, drop by this shiny new apartment complex (there’s a bunch poppin’ up in the Art District), buzz the door code, and like a speakeasy of yore, simply say, “I’m here for Starry Kitchen.” Take the elevator to the second floor and cruise down the courtyard. You’ll know when to stop.  There you will find what few know about and even fewer have experienced. Find out more after the jump: starry 2

In said courtyard, you will find the fleeting home of the Starry Kitchen aka a dude and his wife shucking crazy delicious Asian fusion food on their back porch. IT IS EPIC!!! Nguyen and Thi Tran are the fine purveyors of “edible sunshine” as one of the other patrons so eloquently put it.  After Thi lost her advertising job back in April, her friends convinced her that she really needed to stop hoarding her culinary talent and share the love – and boy am I thankful!

So this is how it works. Wed (6-9pm) Sun (12-3pm). They make some D-lish dish and serve it up three ways: taco, burrito, sandwich. You hand over a $5 “donation” per serving to get your nom on. Tonight’s dish per their website:

In the Meat corner: VIETNAMESE BAKED GROUND GARLIC PORK (aka “nem nuong”) w/ EACH dish served with crispy fried egg roll wrapper in every bite.  Everything is also served w/ what we like to call our YUM YUM SK sauce that is traditionally served w/ Nem Nuong, and is painstakingly made up of slowly cooked glutinous rice, ground chicken and all sorts of Vietnamese flavors but so DARN GOOD with this.  I don’t even know how to describe it anymore, but the best way I can is… ‘drool.'”

So ya the food is crazy good. I’m still reeling. Better than any truck around. We will be coming back soon. Can’t wait for what’s next. I’m so glad the Mrs. dug out this gem from Yelp earlier this week.

Nguyen and Thi are super awesome people and I hope all the best for them. They are planning to take over a downtown restaurant in a month or so. Meaning these back door soirees will most likely be coming to a close before you know it. Jump on it! Or don’t! More for meeeeee!


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