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Greetings from Sin City

January 7, 2010
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Hey there everyone. I’m in Vegas for the weekend for CES. The world’s largest consumer electronics show. This is where anyone who’s anyone *cough* except for Apple and Google *cough* comes to show off all their new products for 2010 and beyond. Got a couple of pics for ya that I liked not just ‘cuz they are cool products, but nice photos too.

Left: Samsung channels their inner George Nelson with their “booth” setup. Right: Intel had a wall showing “the world live.” It was aggregating live content into cubes for you to pull up and access the data. See more from the show after the jump: Stupid thin Samsung HDTV. See the left image below for a view from the side of this skinny biotch.

Totally loved the design and aesthetics of Griffin Technology’s (they make iPod cases and accessories) booth. I wonder if Chuck Anderson knows they are using his artwork? See more of the rad Griffin display below.

Griffin had a sweet orange VW bus decked-out a la Urban Outfitters hipster sheen.

Nokia was showing off this heartwarming StoryPlay concept targeted at getting grandparents and grandchildren reading together remotely via skype. Elmo assists in prompting conversation and richer storytelling between the two groups since they usually have difficulty communicating for extended periods of time. The researcher told me that this interactive method encouraged their test families to spend about 24min reading a 10min children’s book – meaning, they effectively doubled bonding time between two generations.

Gigantor Windows interactive touch “pool”

From the Intel Keynote – super cool augmented reality storefront window. The holographic glass recognizes men and women and then highlights items in the store behind the glass that it thinks you may like. So in the pic above, the glass “window” next to a interactive Levis ad is actively highlighting items located physically behind it in the store. C’mon that’s cool.

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